Stand By Me Lesvos

Corona Awareness Team in Moria Camp

The Corona Awareness Team in Moria camp started working. We created it together with the local Group Waves of Hope just yesterday and this morning the first awareness poster are already up in Farsi, Arabic, English and French. 

They are hand written because no other material is available yet. But the spirit is there and in Mytilini the teachers from School of Second Chance use the closure of the school to manage their side.

And other in Iraq, Iran and Europe daily update the Corona Refugee Resource pages we set up ten days ago.

It feels we are in a war, but at least we are in it together and try standing together for Lesvos.
But the island is not well prepared and if Italy already is in such a crisis what will happen here?

Yesterday every Greek phone received and emergency message.
People are advised to stay home.

Some friends from the camp send us a laconic message:
“Why do they send this to us too? We have no home where we can stay.”

We need your solidarity and help to manage as good as we can.

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