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Christmas distribution

Merry Xmas to everyone under 18 years in the camp.

Yesterday was probably one of the largest one day distribution in the camp since September all done by refugees for refugees. 2500 Christmas parcels packed individually in Germany and Austria and shipped to Lesvos were given out. Sorted for newborns, toddlers, children and teenagers, boys and girls. During the last weeks our partners in the camp listed everyone in each tent and the distributed accordingly. Unfortunately due to Corona the trucks arrived a day too late so everything had to be done yesterday (except of ca. 300 remaining parcels they will distribute today.) And from the moment the trucks arrived in our warehouse until every minor had her/ his parcel this was all organized and managed by more than 100 team members of our parer organizations the Moria White Helmets, Moria Academia and Moria Corona Awareness Team. We do not need to tell you the joy and fun they brought to the children, the pictures they took speak their own language. This project once again showed how efficient refugee self organization works, no need for any Europeans to help in daily affairs in the camp. And we are glad we were able to help to enable this in the background with providing logistics and some organization. We also want to thank everyone who made this possible from Germany and Austria: Liebe im Karton who made this possible together with Human Plus in Germany. Also we want to thank these organizations from Austria and Norway: Plattform Solidarität Oberösterreich, Verein Begegnung Arcobaleno, Budbringeren fra Helvete, OASCH KV and The Hope Project.

We also distributed some of the parcels to poor families in Famfilia municipality which is close to Kara Tepe camp. In a thank you message we received they said: “Your gifts made happy some Greek children that they are really needed, believe me those kinds were almost at the same situation.” Please don’t forget these holidays are a very difficult time for Greece facing a devastating economical crisis due to the Corona pandemic. καλά Χριστούγεννα.


All pictures taken by Moria Media Team


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1 hour ago

Stand by me Lesvos

We couldn't just stand and watch how the residents in the camp are freezing. We have few things we could do, but what we could we did. During the last two days we closely cooperated with The Hope Project to make available as much warm cklothes, shwals, socks, blankets and shoes as possible. Yesterday the whole day teams from our partners in the camp, MCAT and Moria White Helmets and Acadamia were packing and sorting them and today they were brought to the camp for distribution through the recycling points.

So today hundreds received warm stuff and we really hope it will help them during the next frosty nights.

We know this does not help much, but at least a little bit. It is no alternative to proper structures, heaters and winter shelters but one cannot sit and watch people suffering like this.

See also this video from MCAT: Winter Clothes Distribution

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