Stand By Me Lesvos

Call for Solidarity from Lesvos

We were, we are and will be here. 

We stand by our message: Standing together for Lesvos!

Stand By Me Lesvos continues working despite the current climate in Greece and specifically the various current problems facing NGO’s and locals working with refugees on Lesvos. Due to these challenges, the Academia project of SBML is for the time being closed. In the meantime, SBML is focusing its time and energy on short-term, emergency projects.

Now it’s not the time to stop but to face the challenges.

The first of these projects being a Refugee Corona Virus Information Resource aimed at Corona Virus education and prevention among refugees in Greece. This project is in cooperation with actors in the Middle East and provides relevant information in English, Farsi, French and Arabic. It is exceedingly important to ensure that everyone has access to reliable and accurate information pertaining to Corona Virus in order to be able to slow and/or stop the occurrence of a potential emergency situation in Greece, like we have seen in many other parts of the world. As Corona Virus does not discriminate, empowering refugees with information to protect themselves, not only protects those living in camps in Greece, but protects everyone in the greater community. This project is necessary for public health and safety, and is in dire need of support.

One Island, one Fate

The second emergency project Stand By Me Lesvos is working on is the de-escalation effort after months and years of rising tensions on the island came to a head in the last week in the form of clashes between law enforcement and locals, locals and volunteers, locals and refugees, and law enforcement and refugees. As a local NGO, SBML is leading the way by connecting with local actors and working off of our previous efforts of “Standing Together for Lesvos,” post strike. In this moment, SBML works to create a network of local Greek NGOs to create ways at a citizen level, through local channels, to solve the issues facing refugees, local Greeks, and Europeans as a whole. We call on citizens, NGOs, parliaments, and municipalities in Europe to collaborate with SBML in our local network in Greece and stand together for Lesvos.

International Solidarity needed

Therefore, Stand By Me Lesvos puts forth an emergency call for support and solidarity on these necessary projects. When the climate is right, we look forward to continuing our educational projects as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support of Stand By Me Lesvos.

In solidarity with the refugees stranded here and the local people of Lesvos, please connect with your local community, discuss what is happening here, and try to put pressure on your local parliamentarians. We have seen a lack of action at a larger governmental level and it is time to demand change at a citizens level. Please let your local government know you want a solution and put pressure on them to assist you in finding one.

Please continue to support our work 

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Stand By Me Lesvos
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