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All the Moria camp in fire

Chaos in Moria. We warned since months about this. Now it seems to finally happen. The news reaching us from the camp are alarming. After Corona spread and no proper measures were taken, residents were not well informed a kind of uprise broke out, obviously the new isolation area was looted and other buildings too. Various fires in the camp are reported and it seems even shootings happen. It’s a nightmare coming true, but a nightmare that could have been easily prevented and all the months were not used for it.

Please no one should later say he couldn’t know.

These are some pictures we received in the night from the Moria Media Team of our partners in the camp who were in the middle of this mess.

Moria is burning and this means Lesvos is burning and where are all the people now with their talks and promises? We always said and we knew: we are alone on this island.

This fire is a fire in all of Europe but it only destroys our island.

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2 days ago

Stand by me Lesvos

All our partners we work with in the camps always insist they don't only want to be seen as poor victims. They don't want pity and charity but dignity and to be treated like human beings. They feld war and torture and came to Europe to ask for asylum and hopefully become citizens of European countries.

So they are also trying to document daily life under very difficult circumstances. But we know very well because we know them very well how much they want this images to get out.
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