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After the Fire: what is going on

Dear Friends and Supporters, we are looking back to ten extremely stressful and busy days, but we are glad we reachieved our goals so far and kept our promises. Until most of our partners and their families moved in an organized way into the new camp we supplied all of them (500 people) with all necessary supply, first tents, sleeping bags, pillows and clothes, then food, hygienic articles etc.). They immediately started to work again, helped where they were able too, put up new posters against Corona, cleaned the streets and were important to help calming down a very volatile and tense situation. They assisted to move refugees in an organized and safe way from various locations, gave first aid and even helped abandoned pets inside the old Moria camp. Every day we all worked together as a team and everyone knew her/his place in the warehouse, the distribution circles, the logistic etc. It worked amazingly well and we never produced chaotic scenes at distribution places. Now this phase is over as we said. We did not order anything we don‘t need and thanks to the great co-operation with various German partners two containers are on their way here with a lot of material that will be needed in the new camp. Today and tomorrow our partners and we will still help to transfer some remaining groups of refugees and clean the places they have squatted before, from Monday they start their activities in the new camp. Already we are planning to set up educational projects with the teachers of Moria Academia and a variety of other projects.

One more time we believe we proved how effective our way of working is: supporting refugee self organization, working with these organizations as equal partners and always discussing each step together. We want to thank everyone who supported us in these difficult, chaotic and dangerous times and we hope you see we kept what we said we will do and we used the donations in a responsible und careful way.We were asked about our opinion about the new camp. We always said what we think about the situation here and we always demanded a mass evacuation from Lesvos. The last days were a very dangerous emergency and it is important to find a short time solution. The Government promised that they will take care a relocation of a lot of refugees during the next weeks and months. We hope they keep their promise and also we hope the new camp will be run different as they said. We will wait and see for some more days and then give our opinion.

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