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A second letter to Europe from Moria camp in corona times

Our partners from the camp, the Moria Corona Awareness Team and the Moria White Helmets wrote a second letter to Europe, after their first one was published in many major German newspaper, but never answered. They say very important points:

“We have sent a call for help and support three weeks ago and unfortunately we never received an answer. We are still waiting, while the conditions here did not change. We ask: Are we not worth getting an answer while so many people talk about Moria and a German minister even called it “Europe’s shame”?

Thankfully in the the Greek Government has relocated some hundreds of the most vulnerable people from here, but some of them were sent to places where the local population strongly rejected them. Even Hotels were set on fire in one place to prevent refugees to stay there. Why Greece, a poor country suffering heavily from the Corona Crisis, is left alone with this problem?

But we are still calling for help. As we said, vulnerable people need to be evacuated from here and we urge you to take action now.

We still only have three hours of water every day, still the health situation is bad and public services are missing. We don’t ask for pity or charity, we just ask for the rights that the Geneva Convention and European Declaration of Human Rights are granting us. We again declare our willingness to help and co-operate as self-organized groups in Moria to solve the most burning issues here.”

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This time the German daily Tageszeitung published the call together with a long interview with Omid Deen Mohammed from MCAT. We hope the second letter will have a bigger impact. Please listen what the refugees in the camp say and ask for.…/!5681846/!5681845/

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