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A race against time to try to keep the virus out of the Moria Camp

It’s a race against time and a fight without any suitable weapons what we are doing here. We only have great people and a team set up in a little bit more than three weeks that is working all the time. Now the fourth Corona case is tested positive in Lesvos, local hospital has six quarantine beds, the refugee camp not one. All cases came from the local Greek side.

So the message our partners inside the camp are trying to spread is: stay home! But what does that mean in a camp with 20.000 inhabitants, piles of rubbish, no proper water and sanitation system? It means: try not to leave the Europe’s hell, try to stay inside the boundaries of the camp and it’s surrounding, try to limit contact with the Greeks as much as possible. Do everything to keep the virus out of the camp, if Corona reaches there all is lost.
Does anyone honestly believe this will not happen? No! But we need to keep the hope and fight.
And so together we managed in only four hours with help from Iranian, Belgian and German friends to write, layout and print poster with this message in Farsi, Arabic, English and French.

It worked. They reached the camp and this morning we received the first pictures of our posters from the camp, where members of Moria Corona Awareness Team, Moria White Helmets and Waves of Hope started to spread the message walking through the camp with the megaphone we were able to buy thanks to your donations.

We believe this shows at least what could have been done if Europe wouldn’t have abandoned Lesvos long time ago and at least would have started with some Corona emergency here some weeks before the first case was tested positive.

And please listen to the urgent call from the camp: at least evacuate the old and sick and other vulnerable people! It’s a race against time. If Corona hits Moria or other camps on Greek islands it will be too late. And it can happen every day.

Pictures by Muhannad Al-Mandeel


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