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A new Academia soon!

As you know originally Stand by Me Lesvos was always focusing on education. And we believe education is the the most important thing we can offer. But unfortunately our old Acαdemiα, where in the end almost 1000 students were learning every month, was closed and later looted. In the meanwhile we faced the Corona crisis and started very fast a lot of activities with our partners in Moria camp to prevent the virus from entering. Well people here say it is 50% luck or some higher power and 50% these activities that saved the camp in this first dangerous phase. Now no new case of Corona happened here since more than three weeks and until the islands will be open for traffic and travelers again we are a bit save.

So now a new phase is starting in May. We try to deal with the mid term emergency because the threat is not gone, but people will be less cautious when slowly live in Greece returns to some normality. This will start next week.

So we and our partners prepare for more awareness and education, to continue our running projects like waste management and to start new ones. Soon a small school very near to the camp will open together with a Corona Awareness Point.

We managed to rent this space for so many new activities and we will also have some water for the nearby refugees living in tents under the worse conditions. So many new plans we hope to archive with your support.

But all this, we promise, will not keep us from delivering the main message: these camps are not for humans! They need to be closed. The old and sick and later everyone else needs to be evacuated.

Here people are stripped from their basic rights as refugees! The right to live safely and in dignity with proper services.

What we do should not make this place better in the long run but help to survive these dangerous Corona times. And we hope we will continue to achieve this with our great partners, the Moria Corona Awareness Team, the Moria White Helmets and others who are co-operating and supporting us.

See the pictures of the birth of the new Academia and read more about the old one: the Academia Program

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