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Questions surround Greece’s stricter course on refugees | dwnews

Athens has announced tougher action against migrants and refugees. New deportation camps are to be set up, while asylum applications are to be processed more quickly. But some doubt the efficacy of the planned measures.

After the Greek government announced plans to shut down hopelessly overcrowded registration camps for refugees in the eastern Aegean and to build new, closed holding centers for several thousand people instead, the mayor of the island of Samos openly threatened consequences. Giorgos Stantzos, who initially had supported the new conservative government’s stringent course, warned that the entire city council would resign if the government went ahead with the plans.

Why the change of heart? The administration on Samos agreed on the whole with the government’s proposal to set up closed camps, deputy mayor Giorgos Dionysiou told DW, but said it opposed “the fact that we will continue to have to accommodate 5,000 new arrivals; it is time to give our island some relief.”


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