Stand By Me Lesvos

Europe is home to a grave humanitarian crisis but Brussels looks the other way |

Damian Boeselager 

– Last month, I took a plane to Athens, and then another to get to the island of Lesbos. From the airport in Mytilene we drove to the village of Moria, overlooking the Aegean Sea. The waters are clear and in the distance one can see Turkey, a mere five miles (8km) away. The whole trip took less than five hours from Brussels.

From Moria, we drove to what was once an army base, surrounded by olive trees. Approaching the site, we could see people walking on the side of the road. First a few, then a small crowd, then so many that we couldn’t drive any further. Getting out of the car to walk towards the campsite, I saw all kinds of faces: young faces, old faces, women with children, children without mothers, men with injuries.


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