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Make your own donation

If you want to help us to make the best out of our activities, support the new projects and MCAT to face this corona crisis, please consider a donation. You can click on this PayPal link, transfer money to our bank account or use your credit card.
Now more than ever Lesvos needs solidarity.

Piraeus Bank
Account No. 5709086466501
IBAN GR4201727090005709086466501
Bank address: P. Kountourioti 17,
81100, Mytilene, Lesvos 

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Education in Moria

We provide language courses and exam preparation. You can support a student for a six weeks course.
Donate 20€.

Stand by me Lesvos

Language Course

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Recycling Project Supporter

In the Moria camp 40% of the trash are plastic bottles, support our recycling project.
Donate 30€

Stand by me Lesvos

Recycle Support

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Moria White Helmets Sponsor

Help Moria White Helmets to collect 50 tons of rubbish out of the Moria camp per month.
Donate 75€

Stand by Me Lesvos

Support Moria White Helmets

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More Info

Stand By Me Lesvos is an independent Non Profit functioning on little funds, however, we are doing all we can in a dire situation and working to make a safe and positive space. A space where we can train and teach refugees as well as advise them on how to reintegrate from the margins of camp life and back into a society where they belong.

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Moria Academia: Where East meets West
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Hopes and Wishes from a self organized school in Moria camp
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Standing Together for Lesvos during the Refugee Crisis and COVID 19
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